Stylish Modern Sliding Partition for a Small House

Remodeling a small and medium house is a little bit complicated. It is due to the small space but you need to make sure that the house has several important rooms. At the same time, it seems impossible to add more buildings. The best solution is adding a sliding partition. There are some modern sliding partitions you can use.  
Barn Folded Door
A modern room sliding partition is simple and natural. Barn folded door is a great option due to its design. The texture from the barn door looks interesting and eye-catching. You can use this door to separate between a dining room with bedroom or bedroom with bathroom. Barn folded door is a good option for those who want to apply minimalist and contemporary style at home or office. The simple model is suitable enough for a small or medium house or building.
Chalkboard Barn Door
Do you want to install a multifunction folded door? If it is so, you can just take a chalkboard barn door. The most interesting part of this folded partition is that you can write something on it just like a chalkboard. You can use the board to write some important notes for your children or a couple. This is great to install the door for bedroom or kitchen because the door is easy to see and it means the people in the house are reading the note right away.
Colorful Folded Partition
A Modern house model often plays with colors. Mostly, the designer plays with bright colors including for the folded partition. Instead of using black or white partition which is looks old-fashioned model, you can use something different such as orange, blue, red, and many more. To make it perfect, you can just use a bright and bold color. This type of partition looks great to separate between rooms at home.
Modern Glass Partition
If you think that a bold and solid partition will make the room looks smaller, you can just install a modern glass partition. This is a transparent material so you can see the separate rooms although you close the partition. Some people love to use this movable folded door because of its simplicity, compact, and beautiful design.  
You can consider the modern folded doors above because it is not only giving you a stylish sliding partition but also an affordable product. The price of the sliding partition is affordable enough and you will get something that you are expected. You can take Indonesian sliding partition as an example in which you can find a variety of modern sliding partitions for a modern home model.        

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